Our work of recovering ancient wood begins with the search for the building to be demolished. It is a meticulous and accurate research: it is a question of evaluating, in a structure that is often in poor condition, the type, quality, condition of the wood that is hidden under the ravages of time.

The experience and the “nose” lead us to examine old houses, barns, huts, but also castles and residences, realizing from which ancient wood can be obtained to be subjected to a series of interventions to restore liveliness, shine, in other words all its original characteristics.

Once the construction has been identified, we move on to its demolition and recovery of the material, which is then transported to our company and subjected to the necessary treatments for its reuse.

Each of these phases constitutes, for us who carry them out, a moment not only of curiosity, but also, and above all, of “waiting”, almost of tension first and then of enthusiasm, discovering how ancient wooden boards and beams they are dusty, often moldy, with cracks and holes, but still allow a glimpse of the “preciousness” of the recovery. We let ourselves be moved by the intuition that that old wood, properly cleaned and treated, will bring out its beauty, the grain, the natural colors to live a new life, which we consider ethical and essential to offer it. We can therefore state that the beams and planks obtained from floors, walls and roofs in recovered ancient wood constitute the real heritage of VintageWood.

With recovered wood, which tells a story lived in ancient buildings, we at VintageWood, thanks to the work of our technicians, whose know-how derives from a long experience in the building field, we are able to offer you splendid floors and roofs in antique wood, floors, coverings, tables and furnishings, which bring all the warmth and sense of intimacy that only wood can give into your homes.