Cleaning old wood and intervening in the right way is very important to keep it “alive” and to avoid losing its beauty.

The first operation, both for antique wooden floors and for coatings and furnishings, is the elimination of dust (to be performed, for floors with a normal vacuum cleaner, while for the rest with a soft cloth). It is then necessary to wash the surface with water, using a damp but well wrung cloth. If necessary, neutral non-foaming detergents can be used. Natural products can also be used. If, for example, the floor is very dirty, it is treated with a mixture of lemon (20 drops) and olive oil (100ml); in fact, lemon is an excellent degreaser, while olive oil makes the floor shiny. For antique wooden furniture it is advisable to use vinegar, but also lemon, and olive oil (in proportion: ¼ of vinegar and ¾ of oil); also vinegar, like lemon, eliminates fat, while oil gives liveliness.

N.B. Marker stains (it is a classic if there are children in the house!): First you wipe the stain with water with salt, which largely eliminates the color of the marker, then you use Marseille soap; if the mark still remains a little, the stain should be treated with baking soda and lemon juice.


1) Once the old wooden floor has been laid, it is important, for its ptimalconservation, that the climatic conditions remain practically unchanged in the room: temperature between 18° and 22°, humidity between 45° and 65°.

2) The environment must be ventilated.

3) Do not cover the floor with carpets for a long time, because the covered part tends to take on a different color. If this happens, it must be left “free” for some time, so that the old wood can regain its original color.

4) Use long-haired cloths if the surface of the antique wood is rough, short-haired if it is smooth.

5) To remove stains, use a wet sponge soaked in detergent; if there is stubborn dirt, remove it with pure detergent.

6) Avoid aggressive products such as alcohol, bleach, ammonia.

7) Always follow the grain of the wood when cleaning. If treated with care, your floors, coverings and antique wooden furniture will keep intact the charm and warmth that they can transmit thanks to their history.