At one time wood was worked manually, with the use of tools and tools, also handmade, which assisted the skill and ingenuity of the carpenter in the construction of structures and furnishings.

That wood, today, is recovered and reinvented in various ways; it is, on the other hand, a living material and its reuse has an important ecological value, as it helps the conservation and protection of the environment. Starting from old boards, the result of demolitions, and treating them appropriately, through a complex manufacturing process, we at Vintagewood are able to give them new forms of life, turning them into roofs, floors, coverings, doors, antique wooden furniture.

Naturally today the old reclaimed wood is worked with tools that facilitate the carrying out of the various operations. Technology has led to the use of machinery that makes it possible to lighten and speed up the work, but the skill, the sensitivity of man, his inventiveness remain fundamental values in the creation of products that can become true works of art.

This is why it is important to rediscover the old manual tools that carpenters used and keep the knowledge of the working techniques of the past; both constitute a heritage that should not be forgotten, but considered an added value that brings tradition to merge with the high competence and professionalism achieved today by the wood company.

As evidence of the history and knowledge that have been handed down to us, we keep a small “gallery” of these ancient tools, of which we give you some pictures.