For us at VintageWood, the salvaged wood warehouse is an extremely important starting point for tackling the ancient woodworking arc.
This is demonstrated by the fact that we have dedicated three large spaces to the division and organization of recovered wood, making the warehouse one of the “flagships” of our company.

The “value” is given, first of all, by the considerable amount of wood that is present there. Quantity, in fact, is fundamental because it guarantees and ensures continuity in satisfying customer requests and punctual deliveries.

A second, but equally important aspect that we take care of is the organization with which we divide the recovered boards, in order to allow the customer an appropriate and quick choice from the wide range of woods we present to him. The choice is facilitated by the fact that the tables are assembled by lots, divided by origin and type.

The provenance offers the possibility of using the same material used in the original construction (it is suggestive to know, for example, that the boards of an antique wooden floor all come from the same building built a long time ago!)

As for the type, each lot is distinguished by a sheet that specifies the essence, length, section, use of the boards (structural, aesthetic, plank), the type of beams.
The latter, in fact, come with different aspects, to be chosen according to use and preferences; they can be with rounded edges (river use), or as large trunks at one end, thin at the other (use Trieste), or, again, with squared edges at 90° (Sansovine use); finally, irregular beams with cross section variations can occur.

Entering our warehouse you are immersed in a world of ancient wood, which envelops us with the charm of the past and which is ready to transform itself to relive in new adventures.