At the basis of Vintage Wood’s work is the philosophy of reuse, which aims to enhance an existing heritage, with its own lived stories, making it continue to live and enrich itself with new stories.

The starting point is represented by the research and recovery of wood from old barns, farmhouses, rural homes, ancient villas, wood which is then cleaned, properly treated, and then transformed and reinterpreted, always maintaining, however, its own peculiar characteristics.

Vintage Wood carefully selects every beam and every board recovered, in order to give life to floors, boiserie, and other products of undoubted beauty and uniqueness, able to enhance the charm of ancient wood.

Discovering the places and structures from which the old reclaimed wood is taken is undoubtedly an element of considerable interest for future users.

Here we present, as an example, the “story” of a barn located in France, in Vabre-Tizac, from whose demolition a lot of elm was obtained, used by Vintage Wood for the creation of reclaimed antique wooden floors.